NBA Referees Fixing Games – Tim Donaghy Book

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Tim Donaghy’s book is going to be the ESPN topic of topics for a while now – buckle up.  From the excerpts that I have read… About 80% of this crap is ‘fact based’ – heavy emphasis on based.  But even that part is so clearly overhyped, spun up, twisted, and blown out of proportion that any logical person will discredit 75% of the fact based portion.  So that leaves me with 20% that may be factual.  And as an additional penalty since he didn’t have the common courtesy to edit out the subjective b.s. clutter for me, and because he muddied fact with opinion, he inserted hype and useless commentary, and is in prison where ‘whistle blowers’ are a commodity… I will disregard 50% of that 20% too.

So the NBA is only 10% sucky.  Wow, that’s actually an upgrade. I will watch more NBA games now.

I had the other reactions throughout reading it: • No kidding.  Of course that’s how it works because that is how everything in life and in business works. • This guy may die while in prison because of blowing the wrong person’s whistle. • Somebody wrote some parts for him because the writing style is suddenly more intelligent in spots. • Perhaps he should follow up with a book about how to win friends and influence people. • The NBA will survive, it is the NBA. But the individuals are the real victims here. Not saints. But definitely victims. The whole read was annoying to me, yet it is a masterpiece and will clearly be a best seller that may never be sold.  But it sucks.   Completely sucks. It is a masterpiece because it hits EVERY conspiracy theory known to fans – and ignites fires of imagination that will now be referenced as fact at the watercooler. And because of the emotional reaction and controversy – this moron will now be on the best sellers list of books that get snuffed out by litigation.

Maybe he will make enough on the book to pay big bubba off and won’t have to be a whistle blower anymore.

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