Raleigh : Top 3 Most educated cities in America

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Raleigh was noted to be the third most educated city in America by Men’s Health Magazine. Four of the nations Top 30 Cities are from North Carolina.
Most Educated Cities in America
1. Madison WI  A+
2. Plano TX  A+
3. Raleigh NC  A
4. Burlington VT  A
5. Seattle WA  A-
6. San Diego CA  A-
7. Honolulu HI  A-
8. Fargo ND  A-
9. Portland ME  A-
10. Lincoln NE  B+
11. Boise ID  B+
12. Columbia SC  B+
13. Colorado Springs CO  B+
14. St. Paul MN  B+
15. Minneapolis MN  B+
16. Lexington KY  B+
17. Pittsburgh PA  B
18. Virginia Beach VA  B
19. San Jose CA  B
20. San Francisco CA  B
21. Boston MA  B
22. Salt Lake City UT  B
23. Greensboro NC  B
24. Durham NC  B
25. Atlanta GA  B
26. Omaha NE  B-
27. Portland OR  B-
28. Charlotte NC  B-
29. Columbus OH  B-
30. Anchorage AK  B-

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