Frying Pan Tower – Don’t Let the Bed Sharks Bite

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 Frying Pan Tower

The original depiction of Raleigh’s ties to NC Ports is from I stumbled across it a year or so ago, and it is one of the coolest marketing story telling efforts I’ve seen.  I leveraged (fancy word for stole) the concept and evolved the image to showcase the amazing Frying Pan Tower Bed & Breakfast. I have no affiliation or personal ties to either group aside from a love of North Carolina. Check out that original marketing campaign for the NC Ports at the above link.  See more about the Bed and Breakfast at I’m hopeful that the ‘leveraging’ of the graphic brings positive visibility to Raleigh, NC Ports, and to the Frying Pan tower.  For those that stumble here and don’t know – Raleigh is less than 2 hrs. from the coast of NC.  The 4 hrs. includes a drive to Southport, NC and a boat ride out.  Helicopter options may shorten the trip. I’m thinking that the software geek owner (compliment intended) should turn it into an innovation hub on the sea.  It is not quite what BlueSeed is doing on the West Coast:  BlueSeed is aiming to house 1000 entrepreneurs, is a bit more plush, and is targeting the foreign contingency that is unable to obtain a US Visa. Frying Pan max cap may be closer to 20?  Maybe a two week sponsored entrepreneurial intensive?  Free snorkel?

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