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Circa 1995, behind Carmichael Gym on the campus of North Carolina State University … @dansmith – formerly known as Danno of DanSmith.com fame – and one of the funniest comedians over 5′ tall that you will find Told a massive gentleman during a game of two on two … “I don’t see you stepping to me.” The guy was about the same size as Mr. Woodworker here – a Cooper sculpture up in Canada, eh. @crunkisized and I had to step in, and frankly I don’t recall what happened from there. This is what could have happened:
Dan Smith Cooper Sculpture Canada

Who knew the kid had a remote control

RIP to those outdoor courts (and almost to Danno), this brought back a ton of memories now actually: See future posts related to the old Carmichael Gym courts and general areas (not yet written) called:
  • “Vance kicks the muffler full of concrete”
  • “Vance jumps over a car hood”
  • “Brett shaves head and plays at 95% full intensity (an upgrade from his typical 80%)”
  • “Nile gets abused by a one armed basketball player”
  • “Vance & Brett dunk for the first time in the ‘upper courts’ with Kevin Thompson and Bryant Feggins on the adjacent court thinking he was an idiot for celebrating it”
  • “Mike Wheaton breaks both elbows jumping over a tennis net after a loss to @vancefitzgerald “

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