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WordPress vs. Joomla

Written by Vance Fitzgerald. Posted in Tech

WordPress vs. Joomla … I have screwed with Joomla for about a decade now, and tinkered with WordPress sporadically over that same timeframe. I thought that one would absorb enough of the other’s functionality and eventually trump the other at some point, but both continue to endure. This post represents my first look back at WordPress in quite some time – and there is little question why it has thrived. It is dirt simple and very intuitive. I always felt like Joomla had more upside and creative custom modules and plug-ins, but I am not convinced anymore. One thing that I like immediately after looking through WP quickly – is the ease of access to the css and other files from the admin area. Joomla followers know that the same access is available in the Joomla admin area too – but the WordPress work flow for a poder (coder poser) is more intuitive. I really just needed a topic for this first post – so the jury is still out on which way I may sway tomorrow. I love Joomla, and I suspect that I will find that there is clear reason for the existence of each. If I just wanted to blog though – there is little question that I would stick with WordPress.

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