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Circa 1995, behind Carmichael Gym on the campus of North Carolina State University … @dansmith – formerly known as Danno of DanSmith.com fame – and one of the funniest comedians over 5′ tall that you will find Told a massive gentleman during a game of two on two … “I don’t see you stepping to me.” The guy was about the same size as Mr. Woodworker here – a Cooper sculpture up in Canada, eh. @crunkisized and I had to step in, and frankly I don’t recall what happened from there. This is what could have happened:
Dan Smith Cooper Sculpture Canada

Who knew the kid had a remote control

RIP to those outdoor courts (and almost to Danno), this brought back a ton of memories now actually: See future posts related to the old Carmichael Gym courts and general areas (not yet written) called:
  • “Vance kicks the muffler full of concrete”
  • “Vance jumps over a car hood”
  • “Brett shaves head and plays at 95% full intensity (an upgrade from his typical 80%)”
  • “Nile gets abused by a one armed basketball player”
  • “Vance & Brett dunk for the first time in the ‘upper courts’ with Kevin Thompson and Bryant Feggins on the adjacent court thinking he was an idiot for celebrating it”
  • “Mike Wheaton breaks both elbows jumping over a tennis net after a loss to @vancefitzgerald “

Guy Kawasaki Pop-Up Webinar

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Guy Kawasaki spoke for an hour plus last night in what appeared to be a ‘pop-up’ webinar – one that he announced and participated in with little warning.  Don’t try this at home though, Guy has about 400k followers on twitter.  Luckily I am a night crawler and caught wind of it on Google Plus.  He shared his slide deck which can be found here:  http://portal.sliderocket.com/sliderocket/Enchantment  The presentation was informative and insightful for sure.  In addition to the presentation, the interview and Q&A were fantastic.  He shared his desktop, and his workflow was enchanting too, mainly because it let those listening see him as being ‘real.’    He exposed some of the same issues that the rest of us face – and that’s something you don’t picture without peaking behind the scenes of one of the world’s most prolific icons.  He noted that on Google Plus – all of his posts are his own, and that he attempts to insert a picture or video for each post.  Clearly that isn’t the case for his Twitter feed that is like drinking from the fire hose.  He has help there and uses automation as well.  He uses SNAPZ on a MAC for his images, which looks similar to what I use – SNAGIT.  He captures all of his enchanting content through Stumble-Upon and through his Alltop website, by aggregating sources that have proven to be of consistent interest daily.  He now posts to Google Plus and to Twitter at the same time from his G+ interface.  Overall – he was quite a likable guy.
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