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CED Announces 18 Startup Showcase Companies

Written by Vance Fitzgerald. Posted in Entrepreneur, Startup

These local companies will be showcasing at the CED Tech Venture Conference! I have included links to their individual twitter feeds below and have added them to my StartupWatchlist to track them all.
Company Location Twitter Quick Summary


Durham @adzerk We empower developers to build revenue generating products. Check out our ad serving API.

AnyCloud, Inc.

Durham @AnyCloudCo all your photos in one amazing place. Find, manage, & enjoy your photos from any photo service, cloud storage, social network, or email on one site.


Durham @CrowdTunes Putting the power in the palms of the people and providing venues a better music management solution.
EyeScribes, Inc. Durham @EyeScribes Virtual medical scribing utilizing Google Glass Raleigh @FilterEasy We deliver your air filters to your home or business when it’s time to change them, for a cost that’s less than the store’s. 800.308.1186
Guerilla RF Greensboro . Our high performance RF and Microwave IC products enable new levels of range and coverage area in wireless systems.
inMotionNow, Inc. Morrisville @inmotionnow A workflow automation solution for enterprise creative teams, combining project management with creative brief management and online proofing.
KnowledgeTree, Inc. Raleigh @knowledgetree KnowledgeTree’s Content Selling software accelerates buyers from prospect to customer. Right content, right time, right in #salesforce
nCino, Inc. Wilmington @ncino A revolutionary Bank Operating System providing significant ROI and competitive advantage.
Next G Wilmington
Royalty Exchange Raleigh @royaltyexchange The official investment marketplace for buying and selling royalties from music, books, TV, film, patents, trademarks oil/gas, and energy.
Stealz, Inc. Raleigh @getstealz Stealz is the mobile app that rewards you with awesome deals for sharing photos with your friends.
Tethis, Inc. Raleigh Tethis creates and sells novel high value polymers made from low value renewable biomass such as corn starch and hemicellulose. Our first platform Tethex™ is a series of products that are ground-breakingly effective in the removal of ions from water or as a Superabsorbent polymer (SAP).
The Produce Box Raleigh @TheProduceBox We deliver locally grown, sustainable, farm-fresh produce & local artisan goods to our members’ homes and offices throughout North Carolina.
Valencell Raleigh @Valencell_Inc Valencell develops performance biometric data sensors and licenses its patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile device and accessory makers, sports and fitness brands and gaming companies for integration into their products.
WedPics Raleigh @WedPicsApp WedPics is the #1 Photo & Video Sharing App for Weddings! No more disposable cameras!
Windsor Circle Durham @windsorcircle Get More from your Customers with Retention Automation Platform: Instantly Connect eCommerce to Email, Analyze Order Data, Automate Lifecycle Marketing.

WordPress vs. Joomla

Written by Vance Fitzgerald. Posted in Tech

WordPress vs. Joomla … I have screwed with Joomla for about a decade now, and tinkered with WordPress sporadically over that same timeframe. I thought that one would absorb enough of the other’s functionality and eventually trump the other at some point, but both continue to endure. This post represents my first look back at WordPress in quite some time – and there is little question why it has thrived. It is dirt simple and very intuitive. I always felt like Joomla had more upside and creative custom modules and plug-ins, but I am not convinced anymore. One thing that I like immediately after looking through WP quickly – is the ease of access to the css and other files from the admin area. Joomla followers know that the same access is available in the Joomla admin area too – but the WordPress work flow for a poder (coder poser) is more intuitive. I really just needed a topic for this first post – so the jury is still out on which way I may sway tomorrow. I love Joomla, and I suspect that I will find that there is clear reason for the existence of each. If I just wanted to blog though – there is little question that I would stick with WordPress.
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